Parish of Faith

Religion and the city of trade have a mutually beneficial, if awkward, relationship descending from almost the time of the birth of the city itself. With the passing of the Seventeen, the will to see the city grow and become a major power was fractured across the major guilds. It began to stagnate, and faced its first real crisis, until the churches of the world came to their aid.

The churches had been largely forgotten during the Empire, with no divine magic in the world, it seemed the gods had left and forgotten the world, been killed by the psions, or perhaps never existed in the first place. In the early years after the Empire, they became the earliest employers of tomb-delvers to find and restore their lost relics and sacred tomes, and it was the results of these excursions that first proved magic had not been completely destroyed. While this resulted in a steady income for them, in the form of supplicants seeking their divine arts, the clergy were still reviled and shunned as demon-worshipers and madmen. They needed protection, and they saw their chance for it in the godless land of coin rising in the east.

Entwining themselves together, Haven and the churches of Tertius entered into a pact – the church would fund the civil works of the city, and in return, the original Merchant’s Guild became the civil servants that ran the day to day business of the city, as well as providing protectors for the clergy on their mission to bring the gods back to the people who had forgotten them. They also were given space for temples within the city, housed within the main support pillar atop The Tower. Many of the locals refer to these collectively as “The Shaft,” in the most lurid manor possible, expressing their disdain for the faithful.

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Parish of Faith

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