Government Commune

The heart of the city, both figuratively and literally, the Commune is located in the central support column, a huge structure from which all the layers of Haven branch off, and the original one the Seventeen used to circumvent having to buy up additional land. It is said to take an entire hour to walk around it, and be nearly 2 miles thick. It, and everything within, including the Commune, is more commonly referred to as simply The Tower by the locals.

The Commune used to be the highest point in the Tower, and was used by the Seventeen as their guild hall. With the creation of the entrance to the underlands and establishment of the third layer as the ground floor when the dwarves arrived, it has actually now become the lowest point still used.

The Commune itself has expanded over the years, and is now used as the main government center in Haven, offering offices to all official guilds, as well as still being the guild hall of The Merchant’s Guild, though much of the hall is open to the public, with the Seventeen’s guild’s new role in the city. This is also where the Congressional Masters meet and debate the various politics of the city.

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Government Commune

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