Tertius: The Rise of Magic

Snakes in a Hole

We regrouped after several weeks of R and R while waiting for Muriel to arrive.

The mystery of Martin’s abduction was quickly resolved: apparently, Farbax’s cousin Rabbix received a communique from Martin Swyndham demanding the death of Reyna Hustings; in return, the Goldbax Guild will receive a cut of the elven goods trade in Haven. Farbax instructed Rabbix to sit on this, but instead she apparently was the one behind Martin’s kidnapping. It sounds like the Gardener might have instigated Rabbix’ impetuous action; I’ll have to explore this possibility when we return to Haven. We decided to instruct Rabbix to free Martin and blame the kidnapping on the Hooligans. We told Rabbix that Martin was to remain alive, but that there were no further specifications placed on his ultimate
condition. Hopefully those strapping orc chun lads gave him a proper workout! Then we sent a letter to the Ellonwyns stating that we were looking into his abduction, and we’d learned that the Hooligans may have been involved in it. I am hopeful that we can play this out so that we get a share of Ellonwyn’s business and can start cutting the Swyndhams out. A part of me wanted to just let Martin rot, but I’m not finished with him yet and the cost of that would be the loss of the Ellonwyn trade.

In the past few weeks, Shamus has undergone a bit of a transformation. His former disturbingly red eyes are now a much more pleasing ice blue. However, it seems that he cannot remove Nonce’s dragon orb. If that is so, then we can’t dump it in the volcano for Orobeo whether we want to or not, so he’ll just have to get over that. However, this transformation merits close observation. Is he transforming or getting possessed? Time will tell, I suppose.

Gherr went somewhere, but won’t say where, and his face is now covered in tattoos. I wonder whether they mean anything?

We travelled to the coast, encountering a strange three headed beast along the way that we were required to slay. One of the heads was a goat, but nobody seems to know why. Farbax said it was a ‘chimera’, and was the result of stray magical energies or maybe magical experiments gone wrong. It was a technical discussion and I got bored so I stopped listening.

When we arrived at the coast, Red Mary went slumming and found us a captain willing to brave The Cut. Her name is Captain Dell and she seems to run a pirate ship. This should be interesting. We engaged her to take us to Haven via The Cut for 150 gp per passenger, with a stop at the Isles for ‘a suitable prize’. I wonder if the Swyndhams have their own merchant ships, and if so do they sail to the Isles? Maybe I can find out…..

It seems that Captain Dell and Farbax had a tryst, and the next day Farbax was walking funny. I wonder if he would have liked Peg Leg Annie back at the Cage.

Anyway, we sailed into the cut, which was terrifying and completely pitch black so Gherr and I sat in the middle of the ship and drank rum. It seemed like the best coping strategy. Our journey came to an abrupt and alarming halt, however, when we ran into a dam thrown across the channel. Then we were shot at by a group of odd archers on a ledge 20 ft up. They seemed to be at least partially elves, but also
seemed kind of snakey. I flew up there while everybody else shot at them from below. Apparently nobody can climb. I think I killed all of them, or maybe Shamus got a couple. There is a cave complex leading back from the ledge from which the archers attacked us, so we began exploring it while the pirate crew makes repairs to the vessel. The dams are wooden barricades filled with rock, and there is more than one of them in the cut, so we need to find a way to dump the rock before we can proceed. It seems that the snake elves have set up an ambush here so they can pick off ships braving The Cut.

Anyway, we ran into more foes, behaving in a truly odd way stripping corpses of flesh and so forth, and were required to put them down as well. It seems that they eat the hapless crews that they capture as well as looting their ships of booty. These were even more snakelike, much like a cross between a snake and an elf, and have a very nasty bite. So now we will venture into a series of burrows or holes in pursuit of snakes. What could possibly go wrong?


- written by Kathy

Snakes in a Hole
Reibwyr Reibwyr

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