Tertius: The Rise of Magic

A new purpose with new people.


Grand Marshall Faulk and his company were killed by Hooligans. We were on our way to the Narrow Fort to provide help. I decided to continue his purpose because it was still my purpose. I do not like these Hooligan Orks. Their purpose is only death.

I was not the only one who arrived at the Narrow Fort to help. There was also a human and a half human there. They are not wise, but they can be taught. No one is wise at first. The commander at the fort directed us to go to a town called Mollymound. They expected the Hooligans would attack, and we were to help.

We left on the trail. Shortly into our journey, we saw smoke rising. It was off the trail to the town, but we investigated. I believed it might be a camp of Hooligans. It was not a camp of Hooligans. It was a human-like woman. She was very tall, which made her appealing, and based on the attention my companions paid to her breasts, I believe she was attractive to them as well. She called herself a Claimer—one who watches over dead spirits. Her purpose in going to Mollymound did not match or conflict with our own, so we left. She was very good at hiding, but I do not believe she followed.

We made camp in the woods. We were beset by kobolds, minions of the Hooligans. They were easily killed, but one of them grievously wounded the human, Pelt. I tended to his wound, but the bleeding would not stop. I proposed we go to Mollymound at once for treatment, but he wanted to continue to rest. The wound did not get better.

We left in the morning. As we got nearer to the town, we found a black-skinned elf and a small dragon companion of his. They were hostile, so I killed the black elf. His dragon stabbed me in the eye before we were able to succumb it. I worry the eye is poisoned. I worry the humans of Mollymound will not give me proper treatment. But I have defeated the dragon, and I wish to train it and become its master as the black elf was before me.


Reibwyr markob

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