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The Rise of Magic is a campaign I’ve wanted to run for a long time. It’s about 2 things, one Crunchy and the other Fluffy. The crunchy is the low-magic setting. Many other people smarter than me have talked at length about the impact magic has on the system and how game breaking it becomes, but also how central of a mechanic it is, making it hard to balance out. This is my stab at doing so. The fluffy is the theme of the game, and that is “Where does Power come from?” I aim to explore what it means to rise from nothing and become a force to be reckoned with in a world controlled by powerful people – How is this allowed? Why are the already powerful considered so? Who decides who is powerful and who isn’t?

I’ve created a homebrew world that suffered a catalysmic event that stripped magic from the world and left the Psions in control. Eventually overthrown, their blocking of the Arcane and Divine has been undone, but all the knowledge of how to perform magic has been lost. A few attempts have been made to bring back the forgotten lore, but for the most part the world has moved on, and refocused on unique crafting materials, forging techniques, and improvements in alchemy to supplant the old ways. It is in this world that a party of adventures has been bound together by happenstance and fate to stop the plots of those who would ruin the world a second time. The problem lies in figuring out just which group of the various factions is harboring the villains and becoming a force powerful enough to twist the others’ arms into helping defeat them.

The main thrust of the campaign will be uncovering the plots, motives, and means of the assorted lords, guilds, races, and neighboring nations, all while building a power base from which to draw enough strength from to make the ones the party likes help them defeat the ones they want stopped.

TL;DR? Build something from nothing, a la Dragon Age: Inquisition in a gritty world inspired by Game of Thrones.

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