Orrien dar Gerrys/Reyna Hustings

devastated swashbuckler, partner in the Goldbax Guild


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My name is Reyna Hustings, and I am tired of lies. I’m not talking about the little lies that we tell each other for personal gain, or self preservation, or sometimes simply to avoid an irritation; nor the more insidious lies that we tell ourselves to make us think we are something that we are not. I mean the really big lies that entire cultures tell their members to keep up some kind of grand illusion, the ones we have drilled into our heads from the moment we are born. Those are the worst lies, and I am fed up with them.

First I was told that there was no more magic, then I met a Halfling that lives in a tree and summons energy from nowhere. Then I’m told that there are no dragons, and we stumble across the living black mountain of dragon called the Drifting Death and are somehow convinced to do its bidding. Finally and worst of all, I am told that there are no vampires, only to discover that my beloved and adored Lady Raven, Mistress of Haven, has succumbed to one of those foul creatures of the night and is now a vampire herself. They also tell us there are no gods, but I have no confidence that that is also not a lie. Perhaps if we didn’t live in such a small, closed minded and scared world hiding from the truth we would not have told each other all these lies and Lady Raven and all my old companions would still be among the living.

Orrien dar Gerrys is a lie too, one that I told to elude my enemies and help me find my lady. Like lies so often do, this one has taken on a life of its own and cannot be casually tossed aside without harm to the Gold Bax, so I must continue telling this one for a while at least. Such is the trap that lies so often make for even the tellers of them, but there will come a day when I can shed this one as well.

I will find a cure for vampirism, and I will find and slaughter the fiend who turned my lady. They say that vengeance is a dish best served cold, and my vengeance will have the chill of the grave.

Orrien dar Gerrys/Reyna Hustings

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